Cosmetic medicine encompasses all measures designed to improve your beauty…nonsurgically.

Our philosophy at the Skin & Shape clinic is to provide maximum improvement with minimum risk.

As a rule, we offer non surgical options to all our patients & advocate surgical measures only when convinced that the purported gain is well worth the risk. Cosmetic medicine complements Cosmetic surgical procedures to achieve a complete aesthetic improvement.

Most early signs of aging can be reversed by non surgical means. Technological advances have enabled us to utilize more sophisticated measures to achieve more natural & longer lasting results. These techniques also form a useful recourse for patients who are averse to surgery. Cosmetic medicine also includes a host of procedures to achieve a clear blemish less complexion, control & correct acne, remove unwanted hair & revamp your look. All of this is achieved by our trained dermatologist, Dr Anju Methil who utilises her knowledge & expertise to make your skin healthy & glowing.

After all, beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin…

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