Surgery performed to improve appearance of an existing scar. Scars can be made to look less prominent, or hidden in natural crease lines to make them look less perceptible. Contrary to media reports, scars cannot be completely eradicated except in the rarest of circumstances.
Every person scars differently. While some develop an unsightly scar due to a bad injury or improper handling, some patients may have a genetic tendency to develop dark, raised scars.
There is a range of Surgical & Non surgical therapies which can be utilized for treatment of scars.
The choice of therapy depends upon the genetic tendency of the patient, the location & extent of the scar & past treatment protocols.
Non Surgical therapies include silicon sheeting, compression garments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, lasers & cortisone injections.
Surgical therapies include excision, serial excision, dermabrasion, subcision & tissue expansion.

OPD procedure/ Day Care
Dimple Creation usually takes 30 - 40 mins.

Local anaesthesia or General anaesthesia.

Normal activity: 2 hours after surgery.

Work: Can perform sedentary work immediately.
Can resume work from day 1 in most cases.

Sequalae: Temporary swelling, bruising & discomfort. Scar may appear red & raised for some time

Strict sun protection is essential for 6 months. Occasionally a touch up procedure is required.